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My name is Jessie, I'm 26, and I live in Michigan. I'm studying psychology and English. I love books, writing, vegetarian food, rollerblading, hobbits, culture, animals, poetry, nature, philosophy, learning, psychology, tea, indie pop/folk music, and adventures.
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Before You Think About Getting A Cat, It's Important To Remember This. Seriously. →


Sometimes people alert me when they see my comic posted elsewhere, Tickld.com asked permission for a feature article and they actually link back to my blog. Which is refreshing after it was the #2 most popular imgur image set with no link back to me :’D
It’s cool though, like I have said before… as long as people get the message!


Ok, I think the gifs work now …. how frustrating.
I lifted Teddy up here because he can’t jump, and wanted to see what he thought about Galaga. He loves to press/eat the buttons so much! If you’ve seen the other “cat on top of Galaga” pics, this is his little brother.

He looks a little shaky because he has a neurological disorder, and he shakes a little when he gets excited.

Victor Hugo (via maxkirin)

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A writer is a world trapped in a person.


aliens arrive on earth but all they want to talk about is plants. scientists frantically question the aliens for days about secrets of space travel and civilization on other worlds but they always respond with “check out this fern”

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